NEW - Added Value from Frank Dick

The most critical lesson learned from the London Olympics also applies to business campaigns and strategies. It is: We must turn what we have learned from the experience and results to effective action and lasting advantage – fast.


How we prepare for, resource and support personal and collective performance is key. While that is among Frank’s clear messages as a renowned motivational speaker, he is aware, as a deeply respected coach, that there is a difference between understanding the message and living the message.

Exclusive Coaching Session included 


So this year he is taking an exciting and significantly different approach: book Frank for a keynote speech and you will be eligible for an exclusive follow-up coaching session at no extra cost to show delegates how to put the messages into practice and improve performance.


Frank’s business is to make sure both individuals and teams achieve their full potential and beyond. Frank coached the UK athletics team through its most successful period from 1979 to 1994, subsequently extending his skills in the business arena where he has coached teams from BT, American Express, Morgan Stanley, Unilever and GSK … to name but a few organizations who have benefitted from Frank’s wealth of experience.


How will a coaching session with Frank, tailored to your needs and the presentation theme, add value and make a difference?


  • As a coach Frank knows how to motivate and inspire – whether that is in a sports arena or in your business arena or in life.
  • He helps individuals understand their own playing or leadership style – because we are all “player/coaches”, constantly adapting from learner to leader and vice versa.
  • He will show delegates how to develop “teamship”; how each individual must take ownership for their own performance; and how to harmonise the diversity this represents to raise team performance.
  • As a “coach to the coaches,” he will challenge your leaders to: Change their game; Raise their game; and Win the game.


The result: improved performance and competitive advantage for your business.


After Frank's presentation, he will work with up to 30 people identified by you, who will be coaches in turning the concepts he presented into effective action.


The follow-up can be immediately after the presentation or up to six weeks later. If preferred, the follow-up session may be an extended question and answer session with a whole audience. There will be no additional fee for Frank’s follow-up coaching session but of course if extra travel or accommodation costs arise, these would be the client’s responsibility.