Inspirational speaker; sport & corporate coaching consultant.

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Whether your reason for doing so is personal, business or sport, it’s my guess it is related to improving performance – either your own, your team or your organization - because that is my world (see about Frank). I hope that what you may find here will be reason for us to do something together to ensure you continue to successfully and persistently address whatever you define as excellence and winning.


Whatever your competitive arena, the outcome is a consequence – not only of what is delivered in the arena, but of the planning, preparation, coaching, support and learning to make that happen.


Motivational presentations, coaching, workshops and consultancy not only help you prepare for excellence and winning in your arena, but through the process help ensure a better life for you and members of your team.


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"If you could apply the advice from you would live a very enriched fulfilling life. "


"The feedback from Frank’s speech has been incredibly positive; I have yet to find anyone who didn’t take away something from his words. His wisdom, experience and humour came together to form several powerful messages about individual and team performance." Morgan Stanley