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Frank’s professional time is split between the worlds of corporate business and sport.

His presentations have made him renowned as one of the country’s best and most consistently motivational speakers. This means he is in constant demand to speak at events in the UK and around the world.


Frank customizes his presentations to each client but each contains his trademark themes of creating a winning mindset for success both in business and in life.

The Corporate World:

Coaching Beyond the Arena


 Last step to this podium is first step to the next.


Following major sporting events, from Olympics to World Championships, Frank develops presentations containing messages critical to business from experiences of preparing for and delivering in the Arena. Quite simply, he gives a backstage pass to discover what it takes to be a champion performer, team or organization. That world is about delivery on the day and under pressure. These presentations include:


Winning10                   Prepared to Learn                                A Question of Talent

You First                      Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Enhance one of Frank’s presentations with a special coaching offer:

Added value from Frank.

The Corporate World: Signature Presentations


   For a winner, there is no finishing line.


Without being 100% in getting the basics right, any further development, no matter how sophisticated, is simply compensation. Frank’s signature presentations, constantly refreshed are what he considers to be the foundation of excellence. Of course each organization will focus on its needs to develop its own strengths further and to make stronger those things that are not so strong. Frank works with each client to tailor his inspirational presentations accordingly. The current portfolio includes…


Adversity is Your Advantage     The Winning Difference       Team Talk

Coaching Matters                      Leading Edge                     Planning (Real!) Change

Enhance one of Frank’s presentations with a special coaching offer:

Added value from Frank.

Putting it Across: Workshops


You don’t have to be sick to get better.


Getting the learning medium right is a big factor in getting messages across. Consequently clients may want something other than Frank’s trademark inspirational presentations. Incorporating ideas that have made significant and substantial difference to business and sport, Frank’s coaching workshops inspire and motivate people to be responsible for their own performance, their own development and the development of others.


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Sports World – Playing to Win


     Prepare for the moment

     Seek the moment

     Seize the moment

     Never doubt yourself for a moment.


Frank’s detailed study of high performance and experience of coaching in sports toughest arenas uniquely positions him as “The Coach’s Coach”. His expertise is sought across sport around the globe by federations, coaches and performers. 


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