What happens after your event?                                 Added Value from Frank Dick

Purposeful development, whether in the shape of a training session, presentation, conference, workshop or high performance program, in Frank’s opinion, must address the 4 R’s.


Reason:              Why are we doing it?

Reality:               What are we doing & how is it to be done?

Reflection:          What have we learned? 

Response:          What are we doing differently & better as a consequence?


But, of course, you know that already!  if you have heard Frank speak at an event and you/your teams were inspired by his insights, expertise and knowledge then you need to move to the next stage....


But what happened next ? 

What was the response in terms of commitment to and engagement in, initiatives to do things differently or better?

Did thing move forward in performance, development, team work, coaching and leadership in sharpening farther the winning edge you have in your very competitive business arena?


We know your team needs constant support and guidance…not just following an event but the day after and the day after that….


Frank asked the big questions at the event…….

  • What are you doing to develop the companies talent?
  • Are the leadership coaches up to scratch?
  • Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?
  • Are you motivating or imposing opinion?
  • If not you, then who?  If not now, when?


But what has REALLY been done about creating sustainable performance excellence?


We would like to offer you/your company the opportunity to continue engaging & supporting your teams alongside Frank. 


Each month (you decide for how many months), Frank will send you a short recorded video, tailored to your request to keep you and your teams on track not just for today but for every day!


Initially Frank will hold a webinar approx. 6 weeks after your event.  You can choose the number of employees to join in this interactive session. Frank wants to hear about your initiatives, about your talent management programmes, about how you are investing in your people and what you/your company wants to achieve next. 

From this Frank will build bespoke video clips for your company.  You can use these as briefings or as specific interventions to refresh, reinvigorate or provide new learning for existing campaigns and people initiatives .


Please call the office to discuss this new opportunity to push your business further with Frank!



To check Frank's availability or to make a booking please contact

office@fwd.uk.com or call 0203 603 0115

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