For a number of years, Frank Dick has been working with teams in business sharing his unique insight to coaching from his wealth of experience of coaching elite sports personalities.

His coaching programmes delivered for companies such as BT, Barclays, Virgin Atlantic, Britvic, Roche, WNS, AMEX, Computer Associates, PWC and Abbey National have helped to create a coaching climate within these organisations. The coaching workshops enable managers and team members to learn practical skills which they can adopt to improve performance and develop potential. Some have even gone on to create their own coaching academies.

For his work at Abbey National, Frank jointly received a major training award from the prestigious American Society of Training and Development.


Frank’s coaching workshops inspire and motivate people to be responsible for their own performance, their own development and the development of others. Whatever stage of our career or development, there is always a lot more to learn and the first step is acknowledging that we all need to be “coachable”.

We are also all coaches, wherever we sit within an organisation. Managers and leaders of course have a special responsibility for the development of team members and Frank covers the styles and systems appropriate for different stages of development. Using video footage from sport, Frank highlights both the behaviours and hard skills required to create a coaching culture.

"You don’t have to be sick to get better. Even the best can be better."


All interactive coaching workshops are tailored to the client’s specific requirements and include:

  • Coach development pathway – from science to art.
  • Leader development pathway – what is taught and what is learned.
  • Performer development pathway – beginner to elite.
  • Coaching skills, styles, systems, structures, strategies.
  • Teamship – from diversity to harmony.
  • Rough Diamonds – coaching difficult people.
  • Performance build process and management.
  • Motivation is a matter of climate, not weather, in balancing will to win versus fear of failure.
  • Talent action planning.
  • Putting it across – presentation skills and communication.


To check Frank's availability or to make a booking,contact the office via or call 0203 603 0115 contact Frank.