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Coaching Beyond the Arena


Frank’s most recent involvement as High Performance Director with SASCOC (South African Sports Federation and Olympic Committee) and in the past (2010 Vancouver and 2012 London Olympics) is as a “coach of coaches” where he is consulting with elite athletes and coaches of elite athletes in their preparation for the Rio 2016 Games using his vast experience to deliver high performance strategy and operational excellence. In addition, in London he designed and directed the program for the Global Coaches House, attended by over 400 coaches from across the range of sports and nations. His skills have been translated time and again to businesses in his work with top clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Virgin Atlantic, and Unilever to name but a few.


Frank has woven the critical lessons learned through these Olympic experiences into a very attractive portfolio of presentations. These presentations can be the winning difference to help businesses win persistently.

Winning10 (Winning to the power of ten)


Winning10 is a capture by numbers of the ten critical lessons learned through the Olympic experience and that of high performance sport, which apply equally to business and professional life. Winning performance is the consequence not only of what we deliver in the arena, but of all that makes it happen. How winning is defined, through planning, preparation, performance support and learning processes, to managing change are all covered. But most important is the idea that all is driven by our attitude to winning.


Prepared to Learn


Being prepared to learn has two dimensions. The first is an attitude to ceaseless pursuit of personal development. The second is to ensure that the framework for learning to happen is in place. To gain competitive advantage we must learn faster than the opposition. Of course the challenge of an Olympic Games is an end in itself. But like all challenges in life, it is a critical learning experience. As Frank says, “The last step to the podium in London was the first step to the podium in Rio.”


A Question of Talent


A talent strategy should help you in working out how to deal with the rough diamonds, the underachievers and the genii. Everyone in our teams can be coached to raise their game and to realise their potential, whatever their level of talent. As Frank says, “You don’t have to be sick to get better.” He sets out a clear strategy and action plan for talent spotting, recruiting, coaching, harmonising and affording a high performance pathway to ensure your people fulfil their potential and deliver for the business. Pursuing a talent development process is fundamental to achieving sustainable business performance.


You First


Our life is not a single track road, but a 3-lane highway. The fast lane is our career; the middle lane family, friends & community; the inside lane our personal wellbeing. We have development and performance needs and goals in each lane. All three must be free flowing for if one goes down, the others are compromised. There is an essential tension between challenge and support in achieving this. Frank provides strategies and techniques to turn stress to advantage, and raise business performance. Fundamental to this is a commitment to personal wellbeing. As Frank says, “If you are not ok, how can you be who you must be for the family and other relationships you enjoy and for the business you are part of?”


Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!


Frank believes the difference between average or excellent performance, whatever your role in the business, is your ability to make the right decisions and judgement calls. That’s the case whether they are “in a blink” judgement calls of moment by moment challenges or longer term decisions of strategy. All major strategic change must also address culture change and Frank examines what can be taught and what can be learned in preparing everyone to make the right decisions and to take ownership of them.



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